We can’t step a single foot without the assistance of the science & technology in the current days. Everywhere we look around, we see the amazing uses and aspects of technology. It is a scientific knowledge of certain techniques used to create a number of amazing items for our regular usage. Technology is even seen in the smallest objects around us. Technology is used in electrical and digital equipment, like phones, television and fans. Without the advent of technology, this generation would still be lost in some way.

There are certain particular features of technology. Those features are:

TECHNOLOGY AS AN EXTENSION OF THE CAPABILITIES OF THE HUMAN MIND: Technology must never be used asdevice to replace the things that can be done with the help of the human mind, technology should be treated as an extension of the capabilities that are already present in the human mind. It is something that have been able to enhance all the majorphysical and sensory abilities in a human beingwith the help of things like telescopes, microscopes,planes, cars, and many other hardware and software.

TECHNOLOGY USED FOR THE BETTERMENT OF CERTAIN OUTCOMES:Even in business, health, education or literallyany other industry, technology alone doesn’t lead to an outcome but rather, it helps in improving various outcomes. For instance, in the different sectors like health, technology does not work by healing patients by itself, rather it helps doctors diagnose the problem and help them solve it. In finance, analytics software cannot determine financial outcomes but help experts in determining better results with the help of certain statistical reconfiguring models which are also a boon of the modern technology.

TECHNOLOGY IS USED FOR THE SOCEITY AND THE ACTIVITIES OF THE SOCEITY:Most technologies are actually designed to show an effect to a very specific outcomes of the society for a man;therefore, they shouldn’t be seen as unknown concepts but rather an extension of social activities of humankind. A thorough and detailed observation of technology will reveal that it’s always designed for various cultural, or political contexts, and these are all social aspects of humanity.

TECHNOLOGY AS A FUNCTIONAL AND PRACTICAL THING:All technology is meant to achieve singular and specific results that have been well thought out therefore before any piece of technology is designed, it has to be refined and once it is deemed to be feasible, the designing is done then, and after that is the time when it should be tested and rolled out. It’s only after it’s proven to be functional and practical that it will get to the market.

THE UNPREDICTABLE AND UNEXPECTED RESULTS OF TECHNOLOGY:Whereas most of the current technologies that are being developed are meant for the advancement of humanity, in various rare cases some types of technologies end up giving unexpected and unpredictable outcomes. For example, the immense advancement in robotics for huge manufacturing industries has resulted into massive job losses because human labour has become redundant, and several other unexpected results are seen. Unpredictability easily becomes one of the main features of technology, and is largely embedded within it.

Regarding news on technology, new inventions crop up every minute, adding another badge to the world of technology.


These were some of the technological news and features.


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